2 FO's :)

First is the scarf I made for my friend when she lost her dog to cancer. Her puppy was her baby, as she doesn’t have any kids. Joci was with them for 9 years.

SEcond is the sweater I was working on…thinking I might want to add a bit of fringe to the neckline…but don’t want to “overdo”…will ask my friend if she wants it…took 1 day shy of 3 weeks. :slight_smile: I stayed up till midnight last night finishing it…TIRED mama today!!!

well…I don’t know HOW these pictures load…but you get the idea…lol…

I remembered on the way to school that I forgot…to post the yarn and pattern and such.

The yarn for the scarf is Homespun…forgot the color.

The yarn for the sweater is Homespun (TRYING to get away from this, but my customers love it), Sunshine. (there is a tiny bit of pink running through it)

The pattern is the Family of Sweaters in Lion Brand’s site. I just omitted the hood.

It is edged in Patons Twister…but I can’t remember the color.

I edged it in a chain type scallop I “invented” as I don’t crochet. In the purl of the K1P1 border I did what I think was a double crochet, chain three, all the way around, then in the chain three, I did a double chrochet, and chain 5 all the way around. This was on the bottom of the sweater. The cuffs of the sweater I just did the double chrochet, and chain 3.

CUUUUUTE! LOVE the colors!

What yarns didja use??

:cheering: very nice!!

Cute stuff! They both look so warm and gooshy.

ya, that’s why it is hard to steer them away from it…I actually have that sweater, but with a hood…made exactly like the pattern. She wanted it longer, so I extended it…she is just such a skinny mini…I hope she doesn’t swim. But she SAID she wanted it big!!! :slight_smile:

The accents on the bottom just MADE the sweater. :slight_smile:

Cute sweater!!

OOH. I wish I could touch it. I bet it is super cozy! Great colors too.

ya…hard one to give up!!! lol…:slight_smile: It’ll be nice to SEE her in it :slight_smile:

Both are beautiful! The colors and yarn make you want to reach out and “touch”! :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: Both are lovely & look so comfy :wink:

I want to wrap myself up in that sweater!!!

Thanks guys she LOVED it!!! :slight_smile: And it looks SOOOO cute on!!! :slight_smile:

That sweater is so beautiful! :cheering:

Oh wow I love the sweater!!! Its beautiful!

Once I get good enough my FIRST project will be a sweater. Something like that is about what I want to do!

GREAT JOB on both!!! :thumbsup: