2 FOs

Bottle carrier
Needles: Straight 4.5 mm
Pattern: Knit top down: CO 32 stitches loosly; rib p2, k2 for 6 rows on the 7th p2tgr, yo, k2 or something like that to make eyelets. Then rib another 6 or so rows. Switch to st stitch and knit about 5". Decrease k3, k2tgr to end. Next row p. Next row k2tgr to end of row. Next row p. Next row k2tgr to end. When you’re left with about 7 stitches pull yarn thru stitches and seam up the side. Make the little handle by CO 90 or so stitches, then BO. Pull thru eyelets then seam up the ends together. For shoulder strap CO 3 st and work in garter stitch for 10" or so gradually increase to 6 st or thicker if you want, k for 2" and decrease back to 3 st. k another 10 or so inches. BO.
Yarn: White acrylic but wool or cotton is best.

Yarn: 100% cotton
Needles: 3.5 mm
Pattern: Same as Garterlac Dishcloth but I added one more st to make it 9 instead of 8 and I p 1 row and k the next to make it sts.
Love how it came out. I ment for it to be a bit small and quite thin.


Wow :notworthy:, I love :heart: both the bottle carrier and the dishcloth. Both are very beautiful.

Cool idea~ the bottle carrier reminds of the a coffee carrier that was online on knitty…
I like your creativity~!! :happydance: :cheering:

[color=indigo]Love the bottle carrier. A really useful thing for me to make. :cheering:


Wonderful job on them! Guess you could use the bottle carrier for a baby bottle or water bottle. :wink:

thank you for posting these! The bottle carrier would be great for our little trips to the playground when I don’t want to carry a ton of stuff. Neat!! MKZ