2 FOs: Streakers Shrug and Short Snort Tank

I already posted pics of the Short Snort Tank, but here’s one without my daughter.

The Streakers Shrug was finished a while back, but it’s been way too warm to wear it. So, I forgot about it and didn’t take pics until now. Please disregard the clashing pink top I’m wearing underneath! I used Jiffy yarn in El Paso rather than the Streakers yarn. Gosh, when have I ever used the same yarn as in a pattern? Almost never!

Wonderful job!

:smiley: Great jobs I love them :thumbsup:

I love them both! The colors on both are really great.

OMG! Jackie! I swear we are knitting twins seperated at birth! Just this afternoon at Joanns Jiffy ElPaso caught my eye! I’ve never seen it before today! I was going to post to see if anyone had used it and how easy/hard it was to knit with. So, how did it knit, it doesnt seem to have much flexibility, was it hard on your hands?

Nice job! Very colorful :thumbsup:

:roflhard: I’m thinking the same thing!

The Jiffy yarn isn’t too stretchy like you say. But, I loved the color and mohair look. It feels like you’re knitting with “Muppet fur,” if that makes any sense! But, it wasn’t that hard to knit with. You might need an application of hand lotion, though. :lol:

Great job on both! :thumbsup: