2 FOs: mittens and fingerless mitts

I made the full mittens first, using double yarn to make them extra thick (sometimes when I get going fast, my knitting gets loose, and I definitely didn’t want hole-y mittens!)

Then, I made these fingerless mittens, just by ending early on the mitten pattern. The snowflakes I added myself.

Cute, cute, cute :slight_smile:

The snowflake adds a wonderful touch! What pattern and yarn did you use?

ooooh, I :heart: :heart: :heart: those!!! The snowflakes are great!


Thanks! I used this pattern:


For the mittens, it’s just cheap Red Heart yarn, (what can I say, I’m a poor college student, and two skeins of yarn for 5 bucks is really appealing :wink: ) but it works really well-- I took them out in the snow for an hour or so, and they didn’t soak through at all. Alas, on the fingerless ones I seem to have thrown away the labels, but I think the green was called something like “Lambs wool” brand, or something along those lines. It was chunkier, so I didn’t double the yarn.

:cheering: :cheering: I love, love them!! I must say that I simply adore :heart: your fingerless mitts…I’m a BIG FAN of fingerless gloves…I make them to match everything these days.
LOVE, LOVE :heart: :heart:

Wow, I love both pairs! Great work! :cheering:

Very cute!! I love the added snowflakes!

Great job! The snowflake makes it!

love the snowflake!

:inlove: I have to have the fingerless mitts! I was just reading up on how to do duplicate stitch – is that how you anchored the snowflakes? Excellent job!

Nope, to do the snowflakes I just used a tapestry needle and kind of just sewed it on, like the mitten was a piece of fabric. I crossed over the up and down line with the sideways and diagonal lines a couple of times, and that helped to hold it down. I just kind of made it up, but I’m sure anything would work.

[color=darkblue]I like 'em both, but I have to admit I don’t understand what open mittens are for. My fingers are what gets cold on me. [/color]

I made 'em for when I’m typing papers. It gets cold in my dorm, and although I’d really like to be able to wear something over my fingers, gloves are too bulky to type with. They still keep the rest of my hands warm!

Those are just the cutest mittens. The green ones are adorable!

They both look great!! :thumbsup:

Niiiiiiice! :inlove:

Lana, my dd lives in Germany, where they don’t seem to believe in central heat or air. :shock: She likes wearing wrist warmers or fingerless mitts to keep her hands warm, but her fingers free to work, when at work in the office.

Cute! I love the colors you used.

Great job!! Love them both!