2 FOs in 4 days!

Thursday I started on the boatneck sweater from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners, finished it Friday. Yesterday I started on the Cabled Gauntlet pattern from Knitty Gritty, finished the first one just a while ago, and CO for the 2nd one. I’m rather proud!

just in 4 days??? Yikes!! you’re a fast knitter!!..Great job!! love that gauntlet and that sweater looks so cozy :smiley:

I’m loving that purple for the gauntlet!

Cute sweater too! I have that book!

Thanks ladies!

Oh, I made the sweater with Peter Pan Velvet Touch yarn, it’s 100% nylon and soooooooo soft! The gauntlet is made with KP Shine Sport in Crocus :smiley:

they are great!

:notworthy: Very impressive … I don’t think Icould get 2 project done in 4 days!! :passedout: The sweeter looks so soft and comfy.

Both of your projects are great. I really like the gauntlet though!

Beautiful work! The gauntlet is so pretty!

Lovely, lovely!!! I am love, loving your gauntlets, too :cheering: :cheering:

They are gorgeous!!

In four days Wow. I would be pleased if I finished these in 4 months :roflhard:

Well Done. :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

Ooooh now I want me some gauntlets tooooooooo … great work! Loving the color.

love the gauntlets; is the pattern on the website?

Yeah, the sweater is cute, but I’m totally diggin’ those gauntlets. Very nice!

:muah: beautiful! I was thinking of making those gauntlets as well!

:muah: beautiful! I was thinking of making those gauntlets as well!