2 FOs: convertible mittens and a hat

I finished another pair (this time for me) of convertible mittens and a hat for my mom. The hat is the Black Forest Hat, by Suzy Crancer and which is a free Ravelry download, and the mittens are a combination of three patterns: Knucks, Pele, and Broad Street Mittens. I really like the Knucks pattern of making the gloves fingers-down. I had to do some fiddling to get the thumb hat just right, and now I’ve decided the next pair will have the opening in the back rather than the front.

Those are great!!

great job…i hadn’t tried to knit mittens yet…but will be soon

Thats gr8 job n i wud like to knit 1 pr of mitten glove fo my daughter…thnks for the pics

Looking goooood! I especially love the hat:heart:

Lovely hat!

Ohh, neat idea on making the thumb open on the back - I’m just starting a new pair of mittens, will have to think about doing it like that so I can use my ipod!

i love the hat!! great job on the mittens

:happydance: They look great!

They look great, I like the hat color

Those are both really great! I like the pattern on the hat! I’m going to add that to my queue of projects for the year! :slight_smile:

They look great. have seen the pattern for knucks recently and my son want a pair.

Very nice work! You are a great knitter!
Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Great job on the mitts! I need to make me some. :slight_smile: And I love the hat stitch pattern! Beautiful!

All of your work looks fabulous! I really need to make some of those convertible mittens.

Nice projects! The fit of the mitts looks like it would be nice and snug.

The mitts are warm and snug. I’m still undecided on what to do about hooking the flaps back – the choices are: velcro (which would attract too many rogue fibers, imo), a snap (which would put a lot of pressure on the fabric), a hook & eye, or a button. The flaps are the same length as the cuffs, so a button might not work.

I really enjoy wearing them, though, even without a way to secure the flap open.