2 FO's! Baby Blanket and Dragon Hat (image heavy)

I finally finished my baby blanket back on July 11th, and managed to take some pics today. I also knit up a dragon hat for my Little Monster the other day using leftover yarn from the blanket, which I have LOTS of.

The blanket pattern I just made up. Nothing fancy or special. I cast on 125 stitches and did a 2 inch garter border. I knit it in all one piece using intarsia for the border. The stripes are all different widths. I just knit one colour until I got bored and then would start another colour. I weaved in all my ends as I went.

I used a weird mix of Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Marlin (blue), Honeydew (light green), Ivory, and Knit Picks Shine Worsted in black, and Shine sport in Grass green.

I found all the yarns to be completely different versions of each weight. The black was the thickest, the rest were all very light worsted or closer to DK than worsted.

The hat I followed the Very Basic Beanie pattern. I had intended to not do a rolled brim so I knit only one inch of ribbing, but silly me forgot to subtract an inch from the pattern before doing decreases so it still requires the rolled brim. Oh well, it will probably fit him longer this way… maybe.

I added the dragon scales strip to make the hat more unique. I have notes on it’s ravelry pageon how I did them if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

Front of the hat

Side view of the hat

Top of the hat

cute, cute, cute !!!

Sooooo absolutely darling!!

Thanks! :smiley:

Love all the colors in the blanket,and the hat is adorable. Great work.

Nosy nurse question, is this your first baby? I loved working in L&D, wish our local hospital still used volunteer baby rockers. Nothing is as sweet as a newbie.

31 days to go, bet you are REALLY excited!

Those are beautiful, Krystal! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I got very fortunate that I had all these yarns in my stash as I could not afford to buy anything new.

It is my first baby, and I can’t believe there is only 31 days to go. Although it’s becoming more real as I’ve begun to feel the BH contractions haha.

We are planning for a home birth so I hope everything goes well. :slight_smile:

LOVE how both of them turned out!! Love the stripes and colors on the blanket and that’s just an adorable hat!

LOVE them! The colors are perfect together, and that hat is just too darn cute!! :heart:

They both turned out super cute! Great job! :woot:

Oh, very nice! The colors you chose are so crisp and refreshing! Cute little hat, too! GREAT WORK!!!

Thanks guys!! :muah:

Can’t wait to post a picture of him wearing his hat and bundled up in his blanket.

That little hat is so adorable!!! Beautiful colors on the blanket too!:yay:

They both turned out great and the hat is soooo cute!

Very well done. Beautiful colors. Congratulations on your little one. :woot:

That hat is so adorable! I have a few friends having a baby, I might make it for one of them.