2 Fo's-Alexanders vest and second pair of mittens

Alexanders vest is done,I’m not to happy about the pattern and i will make some changes if i make it again.
I also made him a pair of mittens like I’m making for all my kids for Christmas but they get them when they are done because they need them now!This pattern was very easy and great to read and follow,but i made some changes to make it smaller for my 18 month old boy,you can read about it on my blog:)

Aw. what a cutie! I love those mittens. Did you make them so they have a string connecting them together? I had those as a kid because I was forever losing my mittens. Actually, even now as an adult I am forver losing my mittens. Maybe I should make myself some with a string…

thank you he is:).Yes i made them whit strings,i just did it after the photo:)I want to make me a mitten whit stings and I’m going to add it to my other kids mittens as well because they are always loosing them!

I love those mittens, what yarn is that? Good job on the vest too, such a cutie!

it is some wool that i got on ebay,it’s was i think 0.99$ for 5 balls :)i think she/he has some more.

Aww, he’s so cute! And his vest is perfect! Pretty mittens, too.

He is a cutie!! The mittens and vest look great!! :thumbsup:

I especially like the picture where he’s staring at his new mittens. Cute! Nice job on them and on the vest!

That is one handsome little guy, and he does seem to like modeling his new duds. You did a great job, I bet he loves the colors.

Your son is really cute. Love the mitten yarn.

What a cutie! Those look great!