2 fos, a sweater and a dress, 5 pics

First up, a sweater for my son. A simple yoke sweater, pattern from the handy book of sweater patterns, and the color work is as invented by the boy himself (he’s 7). I don’t like how I did the decreases, so it was a learning sweater, lot of knowledge for next time!

Next, a dress for my daughter! I took the racer back from the sugar plum dress #3, then added a modified hip in cotton skirt to it. Again, things I would do differently, but she loves it, and I did it! :woot:

and just for fun, both together in their hand knits!

They look great and they look like they’ll fit them for awhile which is nice!

Your kids are so cute! Your son has some long hair there…his choice? :wink:

Oh yeah, he loves his long hair, but then, you should see his daddy :wink:

And, yeah, I added a bit to my rough measurements of the kids, as I hate it when they outgrow something before I have the chance to enjoy seeing them wear a few times! :teehee:

They are all precious, the children and the clothes! You do really good work!

Those are some super cute children! Love both the pieces and you did a great job! Love the long hair, reminds me of my teenage years and it is coming back in style again for the young men! :yay: :yay:

very nice and I like that he designed the yoke himself – he shows talent!!

Very nice indeed! The kids look happy in them too! (beautiful children!)

You did great:)

Great job! The kids look very happy with them!

They both look great.

aww what cuties!! The sweater and dress are very cute too! :happydance:

sweater with yoke is bright! The foredress in pastel color looks very summery!:inlove:

What a cute pair :inlove: And the sweater with the dress are lovely!


Awww…the outfits look adorable on your children! Your son is quite creative! Must take after his mama!

The kids are adorable and the clothes look great!

Your kids are really cute. Your son’s hair reminds me of our hippie days. :slight_smile: His design for the yoke of his sweater is cool. I’ll bet he is really happy to have been able to add that personal touch. Your daughter looks like a princess in her little dress.

Aaaw, both the sweater and the dress came out beautifully! Your kids are adorable too :heart: and they look like they love their new handknits!

Good Job! I love the colors you picked. Your girls look so happy to be wearing something their mommy made, how special!:heart:

Adorable babies and beautiful work!