2 Dishcloths and felted purse-FO's!

I couldn’t get the pictures to post for some reason, so there are pics in my blog. www.fearthefrog.blogspot.com

The purse I designed the pattern to, but have found swome things I’d like to tweak.

:cheering: great!

Very nice! I love the little purse and cell phone holder – sooo cute!!

Looking good…WTG :cheering:

Oh my gosh! The bag and cell phone holder are gorgeous!! What pattern did you use and how big is it in ‘real life’?

Great job!! :cheering:


Thanks guys! :woot: I’m pretty proud of myself.

As for the purse, it is about 4 1/2 inches tall and 8 inches long. I didn’t use a pattern. I just kinda had an idea what I wanted in my mind and off I went. My goal was to have a purse big enough for my check book, keys and cell phone and nothing else. Goodness knows if I have room for an elephant in my purse I’ll surely store one there.

I did the bottom in garter stitch, and knit the rest in the round on DPN’s. When I got the height I wanted I bound off (that doesn’t sound right but binded off sounds MUCH worse!) the long row for the front. Then I did I cords from the sides. Its impossible to tell in that pic but I had a great idea for the handles. I double looped them to create a slide like you do with rat-tail for necklaces. That way I can have 2 handles or one shoulder strap. The front flap I did in garter stitch, for more visual texture, and cabled the edge to give it a bit more strength. Then I felted it by hand in the sink because I was scared it would shrink TOO much. It felted in about 15 minutes. Then I blocked it and voila!

I used Patons Classic wool in denim. It felted fabulously. I wore the purse to work the very next day, proud as a peacock.

Great projects, Chel! I especially like the purse.