2 different yarns

can you add amohair to a regular yarn? if so howwouldyou go about it?

are you talking about just knitting with two yarns at the same time? if so, you just hold the two together and knit like you normally would. eventually you won’t even think anything of the two yarns

and of course you can mix any yarns together that you want to. i rarely knit with just one yarn at a time…and most often with two different types because i like the difference in textures! just like playing with them!

Yep… just get a thin laceweight mohair and knit with two strands (your regular yarn and the mohair) together. It might not even affect the gauge, but you should do a gauge swatch anyway to be sure. If you use a thicker mohair, it will alter the gauge significantly. You can do this of course, but check that gauge.

When you’re finished knitting, follow the laundering instructions for the more delicate yarn (probably the mohair). You can fluff the mohair up to bring out the halo by brushing gently with a bristle brush.

:cheering: ok thanks. thats what i thought, but wasn’t sure if there was some magicial way i wasn’t aware of so i thought i would ask!!! thanks again