2 different size needles

Lost one of my other size 2 needles and wondered if I’ll mess my thing up if I use a size 2 and a size 3 instead of 2 size 2 needles!!

You’ll change the gauge or sts/inch if you use two different sizes. How important thiis is depends on what you’re knitting. For a scarf, you may not mind or notice the change; for a sweater, you may not be happy.

Ok, so I’ve knit the sweater in size 6 and then I have to use size 2 at the bottom of the “skirt” of the sweater. But I only have a singel size 2 needle - other one fell out of my bag somewhere and I can’t find it. Will I totally mess this up if I use one size 2 needle and one size 3 needle when I am using the “smaller” needles. So basically I would be knitting in one size and purling in the other…

The only way to know is try it. Can you use both size 3s anyway? That seems like it would be a better idea.

As long as you’re consistenly working with both the 2 and 3 you should be OK (not changing from all 2’s to a 2 and a 3). But I prefer Sue’s solution. Go with the pair of 3’s.