2 Cute Bags

These 2 bags are my latest favorite. I’ve used the Booga Bag pattern as a starting point, but enlarged it by casting on 40 stitches and working 40 rows for the bottom panel.

Really cute. I love the red, white and black one. The fuzzy yarn at the top is a good touch. Oh, and I like the “mystery hand” holding the bags. lol

They are cute but I really like the red, white and black one also.

Those 2 cute bags are too cute! :slight_smile:


one for me and one for my sister

Very nice bags . Nice work:)

:yay: Great job!!

They look great! :slight_smile:

They came out great!!

They’re both very cute!!! My DIL, who became a citizen a few months ago, really likes the red, white and blue one.

Pretty bags! What yarn did you use?

Love them!! Maybe it’s time for me to plan another felted bag. :slight_smile:

Oooh so darn cute. I really like them both

Oh GrandmaLori, they surely are cute bags! Wonderful colors, wonderful knitting!

Beautiful bags:thumbsup: Like that fun fur at the top of the red one

BTW–I love your nail polish too:teehee:

Your bags are adorable! Lovely choice of colors!

The yarn I used for these 2 bags is Plymouth Yarns Galway Chunky. I’ve also used Galway worsted weight, and Lamb’s Pride to make felted bags. I’m afraid I’m moderately obsessed with this particular project. My next goal is to finish the large cabled afghan that’s been OTN for 2 1/2 years now. It’s just so much of all one color (tweedy beige), I get tired of working on it.


Love these!

Both r gr888 .thnks