2 completed!

On the winecozy, from knitty.com, I put the state of Texas into the pattern, hard to see from the picture, but it turned out good. This was a pain in the butt pattern :wall: , esp with the attatched icord at the bottom, it was knit into the pattern, surprised I didn’t bend my needles!
The hat for Bailey, my baby girl, originally for my sister, but its way to small.
I also made a black hat w/a grey stripe just above the ribbing…he likes it: enough said. I dont have a pic of it yet.
now I need a drink; too bad I’m nursing :clink:

Very nice! :slight_smile:

The winecozy is really pretty! But I can’t see the hat!! :??

Don’t know what went wrong, but I fixed it… :shrug:

I like the wine cozy … very nice job :clink:

Don’t know what went wrong, but I fixed it… :shrug:[/quote]

Okay, I see it now. :slight_smile: Very cute!!!

How cute is that baby! Love the hat!! Cool bottle warmer/chiller, too!

Cute! I liked the wine cozy! Yes, I could see Texas although I had to look! I saw the designs for the state washcloths in the freebie pattern - my oldest child wants me to make a few for her. We’re a military family and have moved alot, and she thought it would be fun to have one for each state she’s lived in (NC, FL, MA, & NY)

I see Texas :slight_smile:

The wine cozy really fits well and sits nice and flat! Cute little one!

Mama Bear

Both of those projects are so cute…especially the baby :wink: