2 colors


im completely new to kitting, have mastered the knit stich and purl stitch and now i want to try knitting with two colours of wool. all the videos online are confusing me or are too fast. can anyone explain to me how to do this in a really simple way?


Have you tried the video on this site? It’s under the Free Videos tab, Advanced Techs, 2-color knitting. It really is worth a paragraph of text.
The idea is to carry the yarns on the private side (the side that won’t show) of the knitting. As you change colors, twist the 2 yarns by bringing the new color up and over the previous color. That’s true whether you’re doing Fair Isle like the video or intarsia which has larger blocks of color and uses separate balls of yarn instead of carrying yarn across the back.

There’s different types of color knitting, so what do you want to do? There’s stripes, there’s using color in blocks to make a picture and there’s changing colors every few stitches, and they all use different methods for changing the colors.