2 color stitching

Hi I am fairly new to knitting. I have never knitted with 2 colors of yarn. I am wondering how I would knit with two colors. Here is some of the instuctions for it. If any one is good at explaining how to do it or knows where I can find a video of it I would appreciate the help.

Cast on 31stitches Purple

Knit 2 rows Purple

Row 1. k-a-White
Row 2. P-10-k-11-p- 10-White
Row 3. k-a-Purple
Row 4. K-10-p-11-k- 10-Purple

Row 5. K-a-White
Row 6. P-9-k-13-p-9- White
Row 7. K-a-Purple
Row 8. K-9-p-13-k-9- Purple

Row 9. K-a-White
Row 10. P-8-k-15-p-8- White
Row 11. K-a-Purple
Row 12. K-8-p-15-k-8- Purple

Here is the link for the videos: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/advanced-techniques

Scroll down to see what you want.

You can find some wonderful videos under the “view Videos” tab at the top of the page, then you would click “advanced techniques” and scroll down to color work or fair isle knitting.:thumbsup:

Okay, I also want to know how to knit with two colors, as there is a scarf pattern that I want to make for my dad.
The thing is, those videos don’t help much…they only show the work in the middle.
How do you add in the second color? That’s what I don’t get. Can someone explain that?

How do you add in the second color?

Where are you wanting to add the second color? Could you be more specific on what you’re wanting to do?

If you’re doing stripes, with new color at the start of the row, just drop the first color and start working with the second. So long as repeat doesn’t exceed four rows, you can alternate between the two, wrapping them along the edge.


Here is a link to a video that tells you how to add a new color. Hope it helps.
scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

There are several types of color knitting, but the main ones are stranded (Fair Isle) and intarsia. When you want blocks of color, as when you work a picture or shape into your pattern, you use intarsia. For color work where the colors are carried across the row, you use stranding.

When you work intarsia, you have a separate strand of yarn for each section of color. When you switch between strands at the colors’ edge, you have to make sure that you twist the strands to avoid holes. The easiest way to do this is to hold the old color over to the left and bring the new color up from under it. They will automatically twist when you do this on every row.

To start a new color, knit one stitch with it, drop the strand and lay the old color on top of it. Then resume knitting with the new color. This will create the start of a new twist.

Thank you. I don’t know why I didn’t see those before–I guess because the first paragraph about the same color said something about seams or something…I don’t know.
Thanks again!
I am going to be trying a scarf with stripes next.
The first stripe is black, the next is red, black, red, etc.
So, after the first black row, I connect the red, knit with that, pick up the black, and then the red and so on? Or am I not getting this…?

The easiest way is to knit an even number of rows with each color, so you always go back to the same edge and pick up the other color.

If you bring the yarn under the hanging end, then it will be carried up the side and you won’t have a bunch of ends hanging.