Hi to All. I feel so stupid bc I cant figure this out. First of all I cant do the DK the front and back way w carrying 2 diff colored yarns. Condition w locking joints or knuckles in both my hands. Anyway, I need to do one side at time. Can someone start from cast on, do I alternate colors or not on cast on ? I understand the how of it, slip st method, duh, but I think Im reading to much into it. Just use basic explanation of the color process as in one color one side the other the other side. From there I THINK I can do some color work so sides are connected. Its like a bloomin brain fart Im dealin with. Help!!!

I’m not quite clear on your question, I’m afraid.

Suzanne Bryan is an excellent knitting teacher who has very clear videos. Have you tried looking at her tutorials for double knitting?


If you can’t find what you are looking for there, please come back and ask again. Maybe break down your problem into small sections so we can help you tackle it one step at a time?


Perhaps this video will help:

Hi Sarah. Thank you for your reply. I have a hard time explaining when I’m upset. I’m not anymore. Yay. I decided to take a trip a few miles north of me and visit School House Publishing. Elizabeth Zimmermann and daughter Meg Swanson started, as you probably know. So many times I have been close or passed it and never knew. But again, my heart to yours, THANK YOU.
It means so much and you were the only one to reach out.
Be well always and have a wonderful, fun Christmas with family, a New Year full of good.

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Oh, I would love to visit there! I’m so glad you were able to make the trip. I live in Australia so I will admire that talented family from a distance.

Feel free to ask questions any time. People here are very kind. I have a medical condition that makes it hard for me to think clearly sometimes and there’s always a helpful person here when I get frustrated.

Take care!