2-color ribbing?

I’m planning to make a pair of Red Sox (as in the logo from the Boston Red Sox) as a post-season present for the bf. I’m planning on just making a basic pair of socks, so it should be a straightforward endeavor.

The problem is the ribbed cuff: it looks as though it’s ribbing in two colors, knit in red and purl in white (sorry, I can’t find a .jpg to post, but if you go to www.redsox.com, you’ll see the logo all over the page). If I were to knit in one color, and purl in the other, wouldn’t I end up with double knitting? Or could I strand the colors on the inside…? I’m not sure how to do this, but I’m really hoping to replicate the sox from the logo.

Thanks for any help!

You would do that kind of ribbing stranded. Knit 2 with the red, bring the white yarn forward, purl 2, put the yarn back, knit 2 red, bring the white forward, purl 2, etc.

This sounds like a job for slipped-stitch knitting. For example, I made a scarf for my husband using bi-color brioche stitch. This picture shows the right side and wrong side next to eachother.

I learned this technique from Interweave Knits, I can look up the issue if you can’t find it. I know the technique can be used in the round and would be great for making an stretchy rib, but I personally have not yet done it in the round (and the IK article doesn’t touch the “in the round” issue).

I don’t think it is going to be as straight forward as you were hoping, esp because I have no idea how to check gauge in brioche! And if you have increases/decreases, that will be very exciting too. On the other hand it could be loads of fun to figure out!


I think I’ll try the stranded, and if I can’t stand the floats, I’ll try some slipped stitch pattern. I like the idea of keeping it as ribbing, since it will need to be stretchy and hold the socks up at the calf.

I actually imagined doing what Ingrid suggested, but I’ve never used stranding and purling, so I thought maybe it was a crazy idea, and I should have known better :teehee:

P.S. I’m in Germany right now, and I’ve been watching the day games online, but the subscription doesn’t include post-season games :frowning:

What Ingrid described is called corrugated ribbing and probably won’t be good for your socks, at least to help keep them up. Because of the floats, it’s not very stretchy. Here’s a pattern on Knitty that incorporates corrugated ribbing.

I suppose if you left really big floats, then the ribbing would work, but that seems like too much work to me.

I decided to try the following, and I’ll let you know if it works at all …

So I intend to have four red stitches followed by two white stitches. [p1 red, K2 red, p1 red, p2 white]. I’m hoping to add some stretchiness to the ribbing, because the corrugated ribbing doesn’t look like it will give all that much. In the end, I can do the corrugated ribbing and then sew in some elastic thread that I never tell anyone about :shifty:

How did it work? I am trying to learn how to do Corrugated Ribbing and am having diffuculty

There are instructions for corrugated ribbing in the pattern at this link http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/PATTrosedale.html

It worked out fine, but JGM was right: it is definitely not stretchy. I snuck in an “extra” red (MC) purl stitch on either side of the two red knit stiches. This increased the stretchiness, but I still might sew in a little elastic to help hold the socks up.