2-Color Reversible Scarf - I'M IN LOVE!

I just watched an episode of Knitting Daily about reversible knitting. Boy, did that light my fire! Here’s a scarf I started for our granddaughter.

Isn’t it too much fun? Knitting is SO COOL

Yup! I also love knitting scarves cuz they’re portable. :happydance: My afghan project is too big to travel.:shrug:


Thanks. Sadly, it’s also scheduled for execution. I’m only about 15" into it and I’m halfway through my only ball of the fancy yarn. I have plenty of the solid lavender and that’s what our granddaughter really wants, so I’ll just start over with a different pattern and save this wonderful reversible idea for another time. WAAAAAAAAAA!

Bummer it didn’t work out. You’d have to be sure you have the same amount of yardage and the same weight of yarn to have it come out right I’d think. At least you know now. :thumbsup:

At least I only wasted half a day on it, which is about right for my false starts.

:teehee: Been there, done that!

Thanks for sharing this!..it was beautiful as a reversible, but will also be gorgeous with just the one yarn.

How do you do reversible knitting? I haven’t heard of ‘Knitting daily’…is it a TV show? Perhaps there is a demo here?

WHAT?! :teehee: There is a show, but I don’t get it in my area. However the website is very cool, too!

Lots of free patterns, tutorials, and more.

She will LOVE IT! Very nice!!!

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Purple]Awesome! [/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Purple]

My favorite color too.[/COLOR]

Knitting Daily is a sometime show on PBS here, Saturday mornings. It’s also a website, but they really want you to buy stuff.

Reversible knitting is so easy I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out myself years ago. LOL! Here’s how:

Slip knot 1st color to your needle for long-tailed cast-on.
Slip knot 2nd color to your needle for long-tailed cast-on.
Bring the two strands of the 1st color around the 2nd color and cast on 1 stitch.
Bring the two strands of the 2nd color around the 1st color and cast on 1 stitch.
Keep going until you have the desired number of stitches.

Geez, this sounds hard already, but it really isn’t. All you’re doing here is casting on alternate colors of yarn. I used an odd-number of stitches which accented the first color making it show up as an edging to the 2nd color on the other side. If you use an even number of stitches you’ll have an edge of each color I think, but I haven’t tried it.

Now all you do is knit the first stitch with the first color, bring both strands over and purl the 2nd stitch with the 2nd color. You’re gonna k1 p1 that way across the first row.

2nd row, knit the knits and purl the purls so you have a simple k1 p1 rib, always using the same color that’s on the needle for that stitch, always bring both strands over between stitches. That’s all there is to it. :woot:

I’m gonna look for that episode on the Knitting Daily website. If I find it, I’ll post the link here. :thumbsup:

Here ya go. This part is in the middle somewhere. They don’t talk about the cast-on. That’s my addition.

The cast-on at the beginning was confusing to me so I made up my own. The part I used came from the hat segment of the show.

That is actually could ‘double knitting’ and you can do all kinds of things with it. I made a headband to learn to do it in the round. :thumbsup:

If you look on Ravelry you’ll see all kinds of patterns, plus there is a group dedicated to it as well.

Sorry, I messed up and posted twice.

It’s beautiful! At least you know how to do it now. I haven’t tried that … yet - it’s on my to do list though.

Well, DUH! I always wondered about double knitting, but didn’t know what it was. Learn something new every day.:happydance: