2 circular needles vs 3 DPNs+Waste yarn?

Does knitting with 2 circular needles on the round result in the same knitting as knitting with 3 double-pointed needles on the round? I want to begin working on a pattern that requires 2 circular needles. However, don’t you obtain the same results with 3 DPNs? (I want to know if it’s absolutely neccesary to get other circular needles, or if the pattern can be adapted to DPNs. I find circular needles stressing, since the cable is just [U]too[/U] long.)

Also, what does it mean to “place stitches on waste yarn”? From what I understand, the stitches “placed on waste yarn” remain unactive for a few rows, and then they are picked up later. How do I “place stitches on waste yarn”?


Yes, you can use one or a combination of dpns (you need 4 or 5 though), one circular or 2 circs to knit in the round. To put sts on scrap yarn, many people thread the yarn through the sts with a tapestry needle.

Yes, you can use DPNs in place of 2 circular needles. You may need to rethink some of what they are saying in the pattern, but they produce the same thing.

To put stitches on waste yarn thread a yarn needle with yarn, preferably something smooth and lighter weight, and go through the stitches. They can be taken off the needles at this point.