2 baby showers on the same weekend!

Arrgghhh, Two baby showers on the same weekend! And only 1 month notice! What’s a knitter to do? Ok, so I was slacking a little bit with my niece’s baby which I found out about a few weeks back because I figured I’d be ok with just 1 month to knit a baby blankie. But now I’m stuck. I don’t have time to do TWO fabulous baby blankets!

I was just putting together the idea of doing something similar to this one when my DH dropped another shower invite on my desk…

There’s no way… I’ll have to switch to plan B.

Wait!..what’s plan B??? oh my. :shock:

Everything happens in multiples… but why all at the same time?

Good luck puzzling this one out.

One possible thought - maybe find some easier to knit blankets?
Depending on where they live - it is heading into the winter season - and extra blankets help.

Maybe finish the one you started and give the 2nd person a certificate to go pick out yarn of their choice for their baby. I did this with a friend last xmas (didn’t have time to get all the items done). So I made a certificate for her to pick an item (purse, scarf, hat) and she picked the item SHE wanted and we went and picked out yarn together (her choice). Then I knit it up. Worked really well.
Good luck!

[B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Indigo”]Hi Marni,
I got a shower invite when I got home from vacation and had a WEEK to knit something…so I knit the Mason Dixon Kimono…it was easy…I’ve only been knitting since last October…it really turned out cute and I used sugar and cream…I probably had about $3 in it…can’t beat it…I’ll post a picture for you here.

I only did one ribbon and added the extra buttons for looks![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]