2 at once, Magic Loop

I just knit a glove on one long circ using Magic Loop. I’d like to know knit TWO gloves at once on one long circ…I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that it can be done but I’m just not sure how to get started.

I’ve knit two socks at once on TWO circs (toe up)…but I’ve never done gloves (which I guess would start like top-down socks) and I haven’t done two at once Magic Loop style yet.

The only 2-at-once online tutorial I can find is for toe-up socks, and it seems to say that you basically start one sock a few rounds, put it on holders…start the other sock a few rounds…then transfer the first sock back on.

Is this the only option? Do I need to start glove 1, put it on holders, start glove 2…and then somehow transfer the first glove back onto my circ and figure out how to yank the extra cable?


Here’s a tutorial on knitting two socks at the same time:

I haven’t tried it yet…

Thanks lizzitude, that tutorial is actually for knitting 2 socks on 2 circular needles, which I already know how to do. I’m looking to knit two things at once on one long circ (magic loop method). I decided to just knit one at a time anyway for now.

This should work.

aha! Thank you, my folder of knitting bookmarks grows larger :rofl: