2 at a time socks

hi everyone…

Does anyone have the book…2 at a time? If so i’ve come to a screeching halt and come really use some input…thank Leann

Can you post the pattern you are having trouble with in the book and which part of the pattern? :happydance:

I have the book and have used it a few times. I must say I find the method rather cumbersome. If one makes a mistake and has to unravel, it means unravelling both socks at the same time.

I’ve had the book from the library before, but I can’t remember if it’s Magic Loop or 2 circ method.

I do 2 socks at a time on 2 circs all the time. If I have to unravel more then a row or 2 on only one of the socks, I just move the good sock to a separate needle and work on just the one sock until I get it back on course and then join them up again on the 2 circs.

It would help to know which sock you’re making. And even which method it is and where exactly in the pattern you’re having trouble. Could be someone w/out the book can help, too, w/some more information.


I just got the book and its my first time making socks. I’m not doing any particular pattern its the practice socks in the beginning . I got confused at the heel flap but after ripping it out a few dozen times i think when i get to that part again i might understand what i did wrong.

If i didnt figure it out i will let you know…

thank you

I have the book 2 at time socks, and ran across this, the link to the corrections to the books patterns, will be needed to those whom have bought it.

whoa… a simple post and so many responses and links. My apologies for not doing the search first, that was stupid of me. Thanks for all the pointers, though!