2-at-a-time Socks / Tiger-Looking Socks

I finally finished my 2-at-a-time, Magic Loop socks.

I used Trampoline Stretch yarn by Skacel. The colorway is #229. It is a wool/nylon blend. I chose the color because it reminded me of tigers. Since I’m an Auburn fan, I figured this was appropriate. They are a great fit!

I used the Varsity pattern from the 2-at-a-time socks book (author is Melissa Morgan-Oakes). The pattern is supposed to be for striped socks, but I used it because of the ribbing. It seemed simple for my first pair of magic loop socks. Turns out that AuburnChick can follow directions! It helps that this book has pictures!:teehee:

What cool socks,Nat. I love them!

I love the socks!!! I haven’t attempted socks yet, I think I’m afraid of them, I don’t know why. I’ve made the felted clogs and they came out great so I will try the socks soon. I always start but the needles and yarn are so small and my hands feel like giants hands (which they aren’t they’re very small) but I feel like I’m all thumbs with all the needles. I wonder if this type (two at a time) on circulars would be easier for me. What do you think for my first socks?? I even have some patterns for this type of socks.

Very nice !! I love the colour . It reminds me of a tiger :slight_smile:

Great looking socks.

I have to say that Magic Loop takes just a bit of getting used to, but once you get your head wrapped around it, it goes quickly. One long needle is certainly easier to manage than four or five dpns.

I think that the key for you might be selecting a thicker yarn…maybe using worsted weight. Then, you’ll use bigger needles and probably have an easier time of it. :thumbsup:

Good job! Love the color

REALLY COOL!! They are just beautiful!

I love them! I’m getting ready to start my first pair of socks. Well, I’ve made socks before, but I mean I’m getting ready for my first pair of socks with sock yarn. Yikes!

Great job! They’re gorgeous!!

They look great!

:yay: they look wonderful!!

That is such a wild color pattern! I can’t wait to try out that book, it’s been sitting around waiting for me to get the right needle size for awhile now.

Now how cool are those! Love the pattern!

I have that book too, and since I’ve never done magic loop before, I decided to start with the ‘sample’ child-size socks. You are so brave to jump right in like that! And with wonderful results. Great job!

Great job!

I just love you socks.

Just seen that if you subscribe to simply knitting you get that book free, since I usually buy the magazine i might as well subscribe and get the book free and save some money. Have never heard of the yarn over here so wonder if it is available in the UK. Think I have to Google.

Great job.

:yay: Tiger socks! They look wonderful!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”][B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Those are great socks.
I love the[SIZE=“4”][/SIZE]m!
Good Job![/FONT][/B][/COLOR]

Awesome socks!