2 at a time socks/binding off with one circular

someone please help. i have just finished a pair of socks, my first pair of 2 at a time on one circular needle. i didnt make toes, i just did k2p2 ribbing in 2 rounds. then i cast off in pattern using a video on this site.
1 sock came off the needles great. but there is a slight job bewteen the bind off thread and the start of the original cast on. THE OTHER sock is a problem. i have one long circular needle. on each edge of the sock there is are two LOOPS ON THE NEEDLE ( IN 2 DIFFERENT PLACES). WHAT DO I DO WITH this second sock? i was looking for a video on thi ssite but cant find one.


look through that tutorial…

regarding the 2 loops on the circ needle, just pull one of the tips of one of the needles and reorient the sock correctly. No problems! :cool: