2 At a Time sock pattern

I have the book 2 At A Time socks on ML by Melissa Morgan oakes & I wanna knit the socks pictured on the cover but cant seem to find that pattern in the book…Am I blind? If you have this book please help me, thanks.

I can’t help because I don’t have this book -YET. I’ve been looking at it on Amazon.com. Have you made any of the patterns in it, and, if so, do you recommend the book?

I have that book and I looked all through and couldn’t find the pattern either but on the back of the first page it says cover sock is Emily’s Sock Page 104 .

THanks I just found that on Ravelry, didn’t realize there was a 2 @ a time group - duh…anyway it’s the Emily pattern with the picot edge from another pattern.

As for the book, mainly I bought it for that cover pattern to use w/my tofutsies yarn, I like a lot of the patterns in the book, if you’ve never done 2 at a time I suggest her book b/c of the pics are ‘real’ color photographs. Personally though I like mine done toe up & with short row heels, so I have to say I mainly bought the book for the patterns.