2 ? About felting

I have felted quite a few times now, but have a few questions:

  1. I just finished my first actually wearable felted item (Fuzzy Feet) and I’m wondering if they will stretch out as I wear them???

  2. I read on here about you others felting and going through several wash cycles before it’s felted enough, or felting for 30-60 minutes, etc. :shock: and I’m so shocked because every time I have felted something, it has taken only about 5 minutes and it is DONE. Is it that my hot water is too hot, or what???

#1) Yes the felted pieces will stretch a little as you wear/use them. You can just throw them into your washing machine with hot water for a minute or two and they are as good as new. Stuff and let dry as you did originally.
#2) There are so many variables in felting. It can be the type of wool you use, the temp of the water, the brand of washer, whether you have a water softener in your home, etc. My experience is similar to yours, most felting is done in 1 or 2 cycles. I don’t leave the laundry room----I know I will forget what I am doing and end up with felted bags for Barbie and Ken.

From what I know, and I’m doing my first felting later today, is that it can take anywhere from 5 minutes up. If it worked, it worked. It depends on the wool more than anything else, I’ve gathered.

I think a lot of it is the wool. When I use Lopi, it was done in 2 cycles. when I used the cheapo “New Zealand” no brand ebay wool, it took FOREVER! I imagine with how much water/electricity I wasted, there was enough money to have bought a nicer yarn to start with!

I’m also trying my first felted project. The instructions I have warn against buying a “super scrubbed” wool. I took that to mean that the more “processed” the wool is, the less felting will occur. I’ll probably have to watch mine closely because I’m using raw wool that I spun, and the only processing it’s had was a very light wash in luke warm water with Ivory Snow.

The ‘superwash’ wools have had the little fibers that create felting removed so you youcan wash them with agitation and not end up with a Barbie sweater.

OK… So my machine here is broke and I would have to wash or shrint my wool by hand… Do You think that is possible???


well i have seen people talking about hand felting with a plunger but i haven’t been able to find full directions…hopefully someone will be able to tell us cuz i would like to try that too i think!

possible I think, but way too time consuming! Maybe a laundrymat would be faster than a normal machine anyway…“industrial strength” and all :slight_smile:

Hi Brenda,
Yes… I might just give it a try one of these days… Maybe I’ll get some wool and do something small and see how it works…
Hummmmmmm … A Plunger, huh??? Now that should be interesting… It might help me Firm up these Grandma Arms… LOL

Problem is that at my laundromat the machines open in the front…
So ya can’t stop the wash… :frowning:

I guess I can wait till I go back to Florida where I have a washing machine… I’ll see if I can “Hold Myself back” until November :slight_smile:

But I will give the “plunger” a plunge on something small just to see if it works :slight_smile:

Not all laudromats have only front-loaders. Check around you may find one, like the one near me, with top-loaders.

for one of my bags, I had to reset the washer to agitate 5 times, not go through 5 full cycles… omg, I don’t have the patience to wait 5 full cycles! :shock:
right after my washer fills to the selected water level, it agitates for about 5 minutes. when it’s done agitating, if it hasn’t reached good feltedness, I reset the dial to agitate again.
most of my bags took 3-4 agitation sessions.
it’s weird tho… using the same yarn (but different colorways!) for several bags using the same pattern - length of time in the washer can vary from bag to bag…

well i was hoping someone would come and tell us how to do it. the only thing i found was buy a clean plunger and mark it so nobody uses it for it’s destined purpose cuz…well…ick! And something about cutting a few smallish holes to aid in agitation. other than that, nothing i could find really said how to do it. :thinking: :??

Maybe a friend with a top load washer would help…

I read someplace that you could use a washboard. The only place I saw that sold washboards was through a mailorder catalog. I think a plunger sounds easier than a washboard.

The washer I have now felts things in about 5 minutes of agitating in warm water. In hot water after about 10 minutes of agitation, my FMB went from 12" to 3" high - as a washer for cleaning, it’s not very good.


Yea… But thats the easy way… LOL

OK… That sounds reasonable…

Maybe I’ll just “PLUNGE” right into this little adventure…

That’s me baby…always looking for the easy way out! :slight_smile: