2/2 yoLC

I need some help with 2/2 yoLC.
The instructions are “sl 2 sts to cn, hold to front, k2; then yo, ssk from cn.”

My technique was resulting in 2 knit stitches, then a yo, then ssk from the cable needle - resulting in 4 stitches. But I think when counting those stitches at the end of the row and having trouble with the next row - that my mistake comes with the cable: ie. I’m coming out with 3 stitches too many and there are 3 cable stitches.

thoughts? is the mistake with the 2/2 yoLC?
Thanks for your help!

That sounds like an interesting cable. :?? Assuming that the ssk is defined as a decrease in that pattern, I think each cable should be 3 sts. Are you sure you’re returning your yarn to the back of the work after the ssk? If you aren’t, that could explain the extra sts.

By the way … Do you have a link to the pattern? I’d love to see this cable.

thank you for looking at this :hug:

I would scan the pattern and forward to you, but am out of town until Monday!

I would assume the ssk decreases as well - but then the yo increases the number back to 4… I’m unable to find a mistake anywhere else on the row!:shrug:

Hm … I wouldn’t recommend scanning it to post on the board; I think that would be copyright infringement … don’t want to get KH into any troubles. :wink:

What’s that pattern name? Is it even available online?

the pattern is from Great American Afgan, square number 24. Good point about the scanning… thank you:lol:

perhaps someone else will have an idea!

It sounds like you’re doing it correctly–you should use 4 and end up with 4.

In fact, at the end of row 1 you should have 33 stitches, but when I count the stitches for row 2, there should be 30 stitches when you’re done with that row. In fact, it looks like the stitch count changes from row to row quite a bit.

Hi Ingrid -
thanks for your help and confirming that I’ve understood it! I’ll keep looking for the mistake but glad to know that’s not it!

Here’s a correction.