2/2 RCinc


Hello! I have a pattern with a cable increase that I can’t figure out. I’d really appreciate help! The abbreviation is 2/2 RCinc

“Inserting RH needle tip from underneath, knit into purl bumps in front of the the first and second stage on the LH needle (2 sts inc) “

I might be overthinking, but I don’t see where the increase happens. So far I have only increased by yarn overs. Thanks!


What is the name of the pattern?


It’s a pattern for a baby blanket that has a Celtic heart centerpiece. I’m assuming this is the bottom of the heart.


Ah, very nice. For the next 2 sts you’re going to work an increase by knitting into the bumps in front of the sts. Knit into the first bump and then knit into the 2nd. You’ll have 2 new sts (the increases) on the right hand needle. Now knit the next 2sts.