2/2 or 3/2 in patterns

What does thismean?

Can you give more context?

This is in an afghan pattern, it says some like "2-2 k 3 p 2

Maybe a little more detail…? You can type out an entire row of a pattern you don’t understand, it doesn’t violate copyright.

Thank you. I will do it tomorrow. I am at work now and the pattern is at home.

Thanks, that would allow us to help you better. With what you posted, it could be anything and we’d only be guessing which isn’t very helpful.

OK. Here is an example: P3, 2/1 LPC, 2/1, P2. Another is P2, kl tbl, l/l TLPC tlpc, P 5 L/L trpc, K L TBL P 2

I am wondering if this could mean work could mean, for example, 2/2 would be worked over two stitches and two rows.

Oh, you seem to be working on a cable pattern. 2/1 LPC means to slip the next two stitches to a cable needle and hold it in front, then purl the 1st stitch on the knitting needle and knit the two stitches on the cable needle to complete the cable or cross.

Does the pattern you are working with have a chart on what the abbreviations mean. Generally most patterns will have a note or listing of any infrequently used terms or in the case of cabling what the cable abbreviations mean.

It doesn’t refer to rows at all, just stitches. The 2/1 LPC is for a 3 st LPC. Slip 2sts to a cable needle, work the 1 on your needle, then the 2 sts on the cable needle. I think TLPC is a twisted left purl cross worked over 2 sts; same with the TRPC, twisted right purl cross. The instructions for exactly how to do these crosses should be explained in the pattern or glossary somewhere.

Oh, my goodness. I have never run across that before. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help. :muah:

And I haven’t done enough of these to tell you exactly how to do them - which sts should be purled and which knit - but you should be able to figure it out.