2/2/2 RPC?

I’m working on the knitpicks corrie sweater. https://www.knitpicks.com/patterns/Corrie_Sweater__D52477220.html
I’ve just begun the cable pattern, which includes the notation 2/2/2 RPC, defined in the pattern as Sl4 to CN, hold in back, K2, sl2 from CN to LH needle and moce CN to front. P2, K2 from CN.
My question is, when I slip the two stitches from the CN to LH needle, do I slip the pair of stitches closest to the LH needle, or do I slip the pair closest to the RH needle, as these are the next two stitches?
Both seem to look similar, and taking the stitches from the RH side of the CN is a lot of fiddling around.

Slip the sts nearest the left hand needle from the cable needle and purl them.
Really nice looking sweater. Thanks for the link.

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Thank you! I’m excited about this sweater :slight_smile: