1x1 rib cast on, for setting up seed stitch

a technique question…

if i 1x1 rib cast-on (longtail, but you do it so you end up with both knits and purls right away)… the ‘regular’ cast-on stitches count as the knits, right? and the ‘backwards’ cast-on stitches count as the purls, yes?

i’m right handed, casting-on with yarn in my left hand, needle in my right. so for me, ‘regular’ means i’m going from thumb to forefinger back to thumb… and ‘backwards’ means forefinger to thumb back to forefinger.


i’m asking because if i do the rib cast-on, i can count that as a real row in a pattern. and then i’ll use the 1x1 bind-off at the end, i can do the same thing, counting the bind-off as a row in-pattern. it will save me some yarn and i’m cutting it close with something i have picked out.

Some people count the longtail cast on as a row one and you’ll see that mentioned in videos. Your constraint is amount of yarn so knit as many rows as you feel you can. Who is going to count rows when the item is finished anyway?

I liked that video and didn’t know you could even do a knit and purl cast on. But now I have a question about it. Does the slip knot become a knit or a purl stitch?? If it’s a knit stitch, shouldn’t your very first cast on stitch be a purl one?? Or doesn’t it matter??


I just tried this one. I don’t use a slip knot, I wrap the yarn around the needle, and worked the first stitch cast on as a knit and it looks just fine to me.

i don’t know… that’s part of my question, which of the cast-ons (including the slip knot) become the the knits, and which become the purls. or is it obvious once it’s started?

another issue that occurred to me is that i regularly cast-on an extra stitch, and then k2tog at the very beginning of the 1st non-cast-on round. that helps mitigate any weird gapping, but if done in the 1x1 cast-on way, does that last (extra) cast-on stitch need to be a knit or a purl?

Once you see the sts on the needle, you can tell which are knits and which are purls. I don’t think the slip knot makes much difference. It’s the last stitch worked on the longtail.'
Here’s another video that shows you the results for a bit at the beginning.

oh, nancy wynn… should have thought of her as an option for a good video; she always has good stuff. thanks for the link! :slight_smile: