1st wedding anniversary gift: Update - got it!

Our WEdding anniversary in on September 14th and i already ordered the gift:woot:. I’m so excited!!! Now i’m waiting for the package to arrive from Australia.
[COLOR=red]This[/COLOR] is it! Hubby is a collector and i’ve decided to get him this special gift, even though it’s expensive. But i’d rather give up on other holidays’ gifts so i can get him that one! What do you think?

If he collects such things he will be rapt. :slight_smile: What year was this model made? I know it celebrates a '39 car. The Franklin Mint site is interesting…and these objects can accrue in value amazingly! :slight_smile: Did YOU ask for anything special.hmmMMMM? :slight_smile:

He said that he’s getting me something and that it took 2 months just to come up with the idea, which means it’s something really special. So i’m holding myself not to tickle him and make him tell me:hair:!!! This model is from the late '90s, but the concept of the car itself is amazing! I’m also a big car enthusiast, though i’m not such a specialist as he is… I think that for the '30s this design was outstanding!

Indeed! Because it could also be out of James Bond in a way too…I’m not that car knowledgeable…but do you know the Orca? A friend of mine has a friend (in turn) who has one…goes all goosey over it :slight_smile: LOL

Whhooohoooo…I can’t wait to hear what you got! Doing something special that night? Have you learned to play the lute so you can strum quietly while he massages your feet? LOL

Wow, this Orca is interesting! Reminds me of Pagani Zonda, but more curvy and puffy… The anniversary is on Friday, which is great! We wanted to go somewhere for the weekend, but decided that to find a babysitter for the dog and get my parents to feed the cats for 1-2 nights is too much trouble. So, i think we’ll have a romantic dinner out :heart:… And just spend some time together, becausr we work a lot and as much as we try to make time for each other, we’re mostly tired :rofl:

Love is in the air… :oo: cloud9

You’ll have to write a knitting love sonnet to your hubby. :slight_smile:

No, i don’t think so… He hears enough about my knitting during the non-anniversary days lol. And i’m knitting him a sweater, full of good energies:cheering:You can check it out from my signature. And yes, looove is in the air. Always :heart::heart::heart:

I came out of the lift tonight in my apartment block and was confronted with the sounds of a woman loudly expressing her appreciation and love. shakes head LOL


cute!!! at first I thought you bought him a real car!!! then I saw it was just the perspective in the picture. I’ bet he will love it if he likes cars! We are coming up on our 13th in October and I’m still thinking of what to do.

marykz… I think that helping make some dream come true is a wonderful gift. Is there anything your partner has said he has always longed to do…or longed to try…that you could help him achieve via this gift? Off the top of my head…a flying lesson…a sail on a yacht…an abseil… a Harley Davidson ride…a set of oil paints and an easel…???

That is really awesome! I’m a bit of a car nut, too, so I understand how excited he will be!

We share an anniversary! However, it will be 23 years for us this September 14th! :balloons:

I also thought it was a real car at first! Hope you get to do something really romantic.
DH and I have 2 anniversaries. One (the legal, church one) was yesterday and the other(commitment) is Nov 22nd. DH never remembers and I didn’t bring it up because he’s in South Dakota again and I didn’t want to make him feel bad.

Happy upcoming anniversary! Have another 23 and more :hug:

Maybe you can mention it to him when he comes back and do something together? Happy anniversary :muah:
We also have 2 now - the wedding and the day that we got together and started living together - November 14th.

Thanks so much! I keep thinking it’s the 24th one! But then I do the math, and find out I’m a year ahead! :eyes:

Happy Anniversary to you too, and I hope it’s the first of many happy ones to come!

:muah:Thank you!

Well, here’s the update (not so fresh though, i had my nose fixed and been away on a trip) - the model arrived and hubby was sooo excited :cheering:! It’s absolutely gorgeous diecast model of an absolutely gorgeous car… And what did i get? My sweet man went with my sister to MAC (my sister is a practically autodidact make-up artist at her free time) and got me stuff i was thrilled about - their make-up, primer, stunning pigment and special brush for make up and special lip moisturizer. I’m not wearing lots of make up, usually i’m not wearing any, but when i do - i want it to be a good one and look great. So i was pretty happy:woot:! And i had a surprise trip organized to Budapest! I’m posting about it separately :slight_smile: