1st try at circ needles...how to join to get started?!


Kathy in MO here. My next foray has been circular knitting needles. I’m doing a baby hat. All the patterns say ‘join for working in the round, being careful not to twist, place marker…’ Can’t find any instructions in books. I tried just going on to the first stitch the first time I came around to the marker, and knitting around. I’ve done about 3 rows and now it’s starting to look like one piece but in the first rows there is a definite space where the marker was. This is a knit cap in cotton so the edge is going to roll up. Shall I just weave in the end and kind of ‘sew’ the little gap together, assuming it might not show because of the roll?

What do I do to avoid this gap the next time?


Hi Kathy, If you go to the thread ‘Double Pointed Needles’. One of the Mod’s on here has a video showing just how to do what you need to know.
And welcome to KH. and Happy New Year.

You did just what you should, but you have to make sure the yarn snugs up the first and last sts. The video Indygirl mentions shows one method; I CO an extra stitch, slip it and knit the round doing a k2tog with the last stitch and the extra stitch.