1st Timer on DPNs

This is my first time on DPNs and I haven’t gotten the first clue.

After I cast on evenly over 3 needles, how do I join


You’ve got your stitches divided on the three needles, right? Have them form a triangle so that the last stitch you cast on is next to the first stitch you cast on. Your working yarn will be on the right hand needle.

Use the forth needle to insert into the first stitch on the left needle (the first one you cast on originally) and use the yarn from the right hand needle to knit that stitch. Continue down the needle. When that needle becomes empty, use it to start knitting on the next needle and keep working your way around.

that’s exactly what I needed.



For anyone who needs a ‘visual’ of how to do dpn’s, Silver’s Sock Tutorial has excellent close up pictures, detailing how to get started on dpn’s. :thumbsup: