1st time with DPNS - Inside out?

I’m not working on any specific project but am attempting to just practice new techniques with leftover yarn. I have bought DPNS and followed the beginning as I was supposed to per the video on this website.

I’m thinking I’ve done something wrong, however.

I’m knitting…but the purled side (ie. inside out?) is on the outside, and the stockinette is on the inside.

Is this right?? If so, I’d be especially excited, but I’m not convinced that’s correct. In fact, I have this fear that it is all wrong.

And if it is wrong…how do I fix it? It appears I can just twist everything differently, but I’m just all confused. And “Google” isn’t my friend right now. Ha!

When knitting on dpns in the round, the stockinette should be on the outside UNLESS you are purling each row instead of knitting it.

You are knitting with your working needles on the far side of your project. You can flip it right side out and continue. The needles you are working with should be closest to you as if a drinking glass. You drink from the side closest to you, it’s the same with working in the round.

I’m using DPNs for the first time, too and am making little goodie bags for my next class reunion. Mine are turning out with the knit on the outside, purl on the inside. Try Googling “Knitted Pouch by Janelle Schlossman” - that’s the pattern I’m using. Play with it and see how your stitches turn out…if it’s not knit outside, purl inside, there may be something wrong with the way you’re doing the stitches or the pattern you’re using.

what she said, way better than how I was planning to say it
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:doh:I hadn’t even considered that.:notworthy:

This was recently mentioned in another thread, but I’ll post it again. This website shows a visual of what people have been describing.


I hope it helps.

Oh this is insanely helpful. I’m going along great, I just knew I was doing SOMETHING off! :slight_smile:

I did exactly the same thing! Not only that, but on my first outing with magic loop in the round, I started off the right way, and then three rows into it put it down, and when I came back I started going backwards. (I ended up frogging that one when I realized what I had done.)

Someone will have to tell me why it’s considered incorrect to knit inside out. I was told a while ago that I was knitting inside out, so I “corrected” it. OK, so I’m still getting the same results as before, but it’s slightly harder to work around corners now.

So, why is it frowned upon to work inside out?

Nothing really wrong with knitting inside out and with some patterns you can just flip it right side out when you’re done. Some patterns may not work as well doing that though so it’s best to learn the correct way if you can.

Here are some good pictures of knitting in the round with DPNs and circular needles…


And it does just take practice to get the hang of doing it correctly. Those “corners” or joins are hard for everyone in the beginning.

Corners? How do you have corners on circular knitting? Or do you mean at the ends of the dpns? It may make it more difficult to finish up socks I think, but many people do all their circular knitting inside out.

This is really helpful! Thanks! I think I too have been doing it backwards all this time. But the only thing I’ve made on DPNS is sox, so flipping it inside out seemed to work just fine. Now I just need to work on getting my corners (a.k.a., joins) tighter, and I’ll be good to go!

Yeah, DPNs. Of course, I consider circular knitting to refer to the object, not the needles, so anything knit in the round, be it by DPN, circular, two circulars, or ML is deemed circular knitting in my book. I’ll admit that I may very well be wrong on that note, though.

Yeah, but you’re a heretic! How is that supposed to help the “It’s OK to knit inside out” movement? :stuck_out_tongue:

Having made gloves inside out without a problem, I just shudder every time someone is told that they “should” knit the other way. Well, whatever. I’m still a beginner in oh so many ways, so who am I to say anything? :shrug:

I think as long as your FO ends up looking like you wanted it to it doesn’t matter too much how you get there. I don’t do long tail cast on like the videos. I taught myself before videos and found a way that works for me and accomplishes the same thing. I’m sure there are lots of other things that I do a little different than a more skilled knitter, but I always found a way to end up with what the pattern calls for one way or another.

I always use DPN’s and have knitted over 20 pairs of socks and always do them inside out!! It feels easier for me personally and every now and then I just flip them the other way just to check.