1st time using a circular, HELP!

Sounds so easy, but, I’m trying to make a babyblanket onn circulars, sounds easy just knit back and forth!? Well, I’m just about to finish row one and it looks like it’s joined! What happened? This is my second try and I really don’t want to tear it out again and start over!

At the end of the cast on and on a row you turn, just like on straight needles. So you probably didn’t turn after the cast on. Undo it st by st until you get to where it’s joined, then turn and do row 1.

once you get used to circular needles you will want to figure out how to use them for everything (at least I did). I, too, went through a few tear outs when knitting in a distracted state but it was easier to go back and “fix” for me.