1st time posting a note ever! need help

Hi Everyone,

I love to knit and learned from a great neighbor, who showed me so much, her knitting was just beautiful, unfortunately she passed away before i could finish a cute headband, but I’m stumped already and need your help. The pattern is knit 1 ,purl 1, across the row , I can’t figure out how to stay in the pattern and increase from 20 stitches to 24 stitches and stay in the pattern!!! Can anyone help me?
thanks for looking!!! knitsewmuch!

If it was me…I would increase on the end stitch…and then on the next row…just keep your K1 P1 true. The new stitch will just get into alignment with whatever she should be. If she’s next to a K1 then she will be a P1.

An increase that works real good on an end stitch is the K1f&b
(knit one front and back).


Thanks so much ArtLady 1981, this is so helpful, I’m going to try it tomorrow and let you know. Best of all thanks so much for the video!! Take care and Thanks!!