1st time knitting socks on 2 straight needles

Hello all,

I found a pattern online on knitting socks using 2 straight needles and of course this being my 1st time I’m alittle stuck on what to do next :shrug:. The pattern reads as follows:

Cast on 48 stitches

Sock Cuff

Row 1-16: K1, P1 across

If you want a longer sock top than shown in picture above, work more of Row 1 until desired length.

Heel and Foot part:

Row 1:K1, P1 , repeat 11 times, knit 24

Row 2: Purl 24, K1,P1 repeat 11 times

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until your sock is 2” less than desired sock length. On final row place a marker between stitches 24 and 25

**I’ve gotten to the Heel and Foot part and not sure what exactly to do. Should I K1, P1 across the entire row 11 more times the same as I did above for the cuff part? then knit 24 sts? Then repeat it doing the opposite?

I love trying new patterns because they help me better interpret pattern lingo each time and advance my skill little by little so this one is a biggie for me because everyone loves socks :happydance:. Thanks to anyone able to help and this forum has already become such a blessing in a short amount of time.

You would k1 p1, then knit the remaining 24 sts. On the next row p24, then k1 p1 to the end of the row.

Thank you a bunch! On my way and loving it :inlove: