1st time knitter..troubles with scarf

Any suggestions on making a simple scarf? I have tried diff yarns and diff sz circular needles and not matter what I try…the knitting starts out fine then after 5 inches it starts to noticeably widen. How do I keep it more uniform? Is it a time and experience thing?

Experience maybe. Check to see that your cast on isn’t too tight or that you’re not adding sts as you go along. It’s pretty easy for new knitters to inadvertently do an accidental increase of some type. See this thread for ideas why and how to fix it.

Yes, it’s very common to accidentally create extra stitches. Plus you could just be getting more relaxed and your gauge loosens, too.

Check the link Sue posted. You need to make sure your working yarn is in the correct position and your not starting with it in the wrong position at the beginning of a row. Also need to make sure you’re knitting the stitch on the needle and not between stitches.