1st Sweater

THis is the beginning of the pattern for joining the collar
Now that you have your 4 pieces, you need to sew the seams and add the ribbed collar. For this step, you
need double pointed US 17 needles, a darning needle, and your remaining yarn.

  1. Start by taking the front and the back pieces of your sweater. Place them together at the shoulders,
    where you bound off 12 sts on each side. You should have 11 sts on waste yarn in the center of each
    piece. These 22 stitches will be picked up and knit for the ribbed collar, but not yet.
  2. Once you’ve lined the front and the back up, sew together the top shoulder seams on each side (you
    should be sewing 12 sts together on each side). After you do this, you should be able to put your head
    through the neck hole and “wear” your creation, but it will look really funny. So you need to keep going.
  3. [B]Take the 22 sts (11 sts on each piece) and thread 4 size 17 dpns into the stitches. I like to do 6 sts on[/B]each needle, picking up 1 on each side of the shoulder seam. If you don’t want to do that, 2 sets of 6 sts
    and 2 sets of 5 sts will be fine.
  4. Start knitting in the round. To get the ribbed collar, k1 p1 all the way around until you’re finished. This
    should be about 6 rows.
  5. Bind off loose-ish.
  6. All knitting is finished now.
    [COLOR=“black”][B]Can anyone send me a link as to how to use the US17 DPN needles to attach the collar?[/B][/COLOR]

Welcome to KH! Congrats on being close to finishing your first sweater, too.
You’re really not attaching a collar but knitting one from the neck up. Seam the front and back to each other as indicated.
So you should have 11sts on waste yarn at the front of the neck and 11sts on waste yarn at the back. To thread them onto the dpns, insert the needle tip into the stitch and take it off the waste yarn. After you have all 11sts onto the needle you can pull out the waste yarn. If the size 17 needle seems a bit cumbersome, you could slip the sts onto a smaller needle and then onto the size 17.
Now you’re ready to knit the sts. You could start with a new yarn strand by picking up the 2sts on either side of the shoulder seam, then knit 11sts, pick up 2sts at the other shoulder seam and then slip the second set of 11sts to the dpns and finish up knitting those final 11sts. You can now join to knit in the round. You can either knit this first row and then start k1p1 rib or you can work first row sts as k1p1 rib
This video shows you how to pick up sts at the shoulder seam in case that helps.

Thank you so much for your instructions and the link. Hoping I can do this.
Thank you again :muah: