1st Sweater KAL

We have been talking about this in the Stashbusting thread and so I decided to start it.

I’ll be doing tempting from Knitty with some modifications for the sleeve length to make it more wearable and might be doing another one at the same time.

You don’t have to do Tempting, you can pick another sweater, but this is for us first timers and ArtLady1981 has generously offered to assist with her input and advice at times.

Hopefully, we can all help each other out as well.

I just finished my first sweater a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise, I’d be right here with you.

Good luck! It was a challenge, but well worth it.

I’ve never done a KAL, so I know this is a dumb question but…How does one work? I would like to finish my sweater.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

:doh: Never mind my last post. I should known to look for KAL guidelines :doh:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Nadja: I think this KAL is a little different than most, because we aren’t doing the same project necessarily. I think it is more just to provide support for those of us that don’t necessarily have a support group of knitters to guide us through this step up in projects.

Hey there Stash Sisters!!!

I measured my daughter this evening. (TEMPTING is for her) She came over for dinner, wine and conversation! Her hubby’s turn to watch the girls…and she gets to go out and live a little. She shopped a while…and then stopped by to see momma! :happydance:

I have cast on the 160 stitches for TEMPTING. I am using two strands of yarn: Rowan “Calmer” cotton blend, and Lara Endless Summer cotton.
Both yarns by themselves were too thin or skinny… but together using a US8 needle gave me the perfect gauge of 18st=4" in st. st. And it looks good, too. Not packed too tightly. Calmer is kinda suede-like with a little stretchiness to it…and Endless Summer is a fine polished combed cotton. They are both cream color…but, you can see them both because of the suede finish vs the polished finish. I think I like my yarn choice!

She just left for home, so I am going out there now to do a few rows. Will take a digital of any significant progress. It is going to be boring for a while…K2 P2 rib…around and around and around and around…in the round!

She wants me to leave the sleeve caps the length of the model.

BTW: I don’t know if I need to say this or not, but I will…since this may be a first sweater for some: DO A GAUGE SWATCH with your yarn(s) of choice. For my swatch I personally cast on two extra stitches…so that my measurement is taken between the two “edge stitches”. Edge stitches are the stitches at each end…and they ARE ALWAYS KNIT…right side and wrong side. So then, for our gauge swatch…cast on 20 stitches…knit 20 across row 1…but for row 2: k1…purl 18…k1. Repeat rows 1 & 2 til your swatch is 2 inches or so in length. “Row gauge” is not critical for this pattern. BUT…stitch gauge IS VITAL to get the correct “fit”…or your garment will be too tight, too small…or too big, too baggy. And, you may run out of yarn!

If anyone has any questions about the swatch thing…let me know! :muah:

Wow, thank you so much for taking us through the first step: the guage swatch. I might make mine during break time from studying.

I also appreciate the gauge swatch instructions. I’m not on to the sweater yet, but it will be very helpful when I am.
until then I will just be a lurker here until I have time to join in!
good luck to alll of you@ :hug:

Think we should post a link for TEMPTING?

And a photo? Well, there they be! :teehee:

My TEMPTING is at about 1.5". It is slow-going…two strands slow up the process. I lilke to untangle/un-kink every so often…don’t like the feel of kinks and twists in my hands…it may all knit the same, with the same outcome…I just don’t like to knit the twisted up yarn. :pout:

PS: to newbie knitters: do you know what the [color=blue]directions[/color] mean when it says: cast on 160 stitches, [color=blue]join (being careful not to twist the stitches), [/color]and work the k2p2 rib for 13"??

If anyone has any doubts about the words: “join, being careful not to twist the stitches”…let me know and we will talk about it.

There may be a video clip here at KH about circular knitting. Check that out, too. Starting that first row…the ‘join’…is tricky for newbies.

Well, I cast on for my “tempting” ( I´m doing this sweater instead http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=81&d_id=1&lang=us ) and I got about 3-4 rows into it when I realized that I had it twisted!!!


OK, I¨m back on track now ( I think… :pray: ) Live and learn, right?


I have some questions, if you don’t mind…

  1. What yarn are you all using? I’m guessing a plain cotton won’t be stretchy enough…

  2. This is supposed to be tight-fitting, right? So if my chest measures 38", I should make the 36" size, not the 40", right? Negative ease and all that?

  3. Length - is the length measured from the bottom of the sweater to the neckline? I have a pretty long torso, and shirts are always too short on me, so I’d like to make it longer, but I want to make sure I’m measuring right.

It will be a couple of weeks before I’m able to cast on for this, I have to finish my DD’s sweater before her birthday (it matches her birthday dress, so I’d like for her to be able to wear it), and I really need to make more progress on my ISE4 scarf, so I can mail that in May as well. But the next project on my list was a summer sweater for me, so I may do Tempting, depending on how this KAL goes.

I am using the yarn called for. It’s so soft and I found the most beautiful purple color at my Boston LYS, Windsor Button.

I think the measurement is from bottom to neckline, there are also measurements to where you separate the sleeve caps if I remember correctly, so you would probably want to add inches to that measurement for knitting alteration purposes. This is in ribbing which is super stretchy so I am making the 36 even though my bust is slightly larger than a 36, more like a 36.5 around.

You guys are so brave. I would still be stuck on what yarn do I use! :??

They should all look great. I will just wait for the beginner, easy sweater to come along. Someone else has to be at my level too.

Hey Karen, your pattern looks great too.


Hey Karen! I was going to knit the same one…but backed out becuase the pattern seemed to be amibuous…or outright has errors. Anyway, i didn’t feel like wrapping my mind around trying to figure out the errors or ambiguities…so I switched back to the TEMPTING. You know…you don’t have to include the eyelet holes for the ribbon. You can ignore those directions and just keep knitting the rib plain.

Hi Bobi! My TEMPTING is for my daughter whose bust measures 37.5" at the fullest part. We elected to knit the 36". Otherwise, the sweater might be sloppy looking. And, the rib will stretch. The garment is supposed to have a fitted look. As for length…the pattern says for a size M…to knit the rib til it is 13" (I tnink)…then you begin the yoke and sleeves part. For you, having a longer torso…when you get to the “prescribed” length before starting the sleeves, etc…try to step into the garment and hold it up to just under your armpits…and see where the bottom edge hits you. If you want it longer…just keep knittin! This will take more yarn…so be aware of that.

Conversely…a woman who would want it to have a cropped appearance, just touching the top of your jeans or skirt…you can certainly stop your length before the required length! My daughter is only 5’2"…the model wearing the sweater is probably 5’5"…or taller…so…I may shorten my daughters sweater. I will just have to wait and see when I get there!

Yarn? I think I said earlier…I am using two strands of yarn held together, knit as one. I am using Rowan “Calmer” with Lara “Endless Summer”. Calmer is a cotton blend, and Endless Summer is 100% fine combed cotton. Separately they are too skinny to be used alone. Together, they knit at the gauge required: 18 st = 4" in stocking stitch.

So when you are shopping for your yarn…first ask the clerk to steer you towards yarns that are your necessary GAUGE (18st=4") From there, you can pick and choose what blends (wool, cotton, silk, etc) and what color! FIRST RULE: choose yarns that are the right GAUGE.

I am using two yarns held together because I had them in my stash…and they happened to be the same color (cream)…and both were summery yarns (cottons)! It was a WIN-WIN! I am trying to use Stash every other project! In a perfect world…all my projects would use Stash til my Stash is Phffffft…Gone!!! But, as we yarn addicts know…that just ain’t happenin’!!

I am joining. I don’t know what sweater yet, I want to make it for my mom for mother’s day (i am aware it may be late). so, i need to find out her measurements and then decide on the pattern that is just right for her. it is very nice to have a place where i can ask questions, and be with other sweater newbies. thank you art lady for doing this for us!!

You’re welcome, Lissalue! Happy to be of help! Welcome!
Send us a link to the pattern you are thinkin’ about when you find it!

I have a pattern and the yarn and I’ve swatched it! I’d like to join in. Im making a simple kids sweater for my daughter. Um… I also have the yarn for my sons sweater as well so I will try to tak esome pics but that in itself will be learning curve! im using a so simple kids sweater pattern I can find a link later…

Hi Heather! Welcome! Yes, please send a link to your pattern. This will help us help YOU! :hug:

does it still count as a sweater if it has no sleeves? :shrug: :teehee: