1st sock question

First socks - top down pattern. Calls for 8" before heel. Is there any reason it has to be 8"? If I did 6". wouldn’t I just get socks that didn’t come up as far on my leg? Or am I missing something?


You can make that part as long or short as you want. I got tired of ribbing made mine a little shorter…however now I wish I hadn’t. :roflhard:

:smiley: Thanks Jan. I have very short, stubby legs so I think I may take off an inch or so.

Your sock pattern calls for an 8 inch leg? wow, thats rather tall, most patterns call for 7, the extra inch really does make a difference. If I were you I wouldn’t go much shorter than 6-6.5, otherwise it looks funny (i did it once, it was bad)

Thanks, mckyfan. I think I’ll go 6 - 6 1/2.