1st round pattern

i just went to the store and got my 1st set round needles whoo i need my 1st pattern thinking baby hat? got some nice cream double knit yarn any easy quick patterns for my 1st project?

Do you mean circular needles or double pointed needles? What size and length of cord if that’s what you got?

You can do larger baby to adult hats on circs, but smaller will need DPNs. A hat is a good choice to practice with.

circular needles sorry im suck a dork. 80cm(31ish inches) yes im so silly i know thats reay big ,but i can do magic loop kniting?

I think you can do ML with that length although I think longer is usually recommended. Once you learn the technique you’ll be able to do any circular object easy. Most of the patterns are going to say 16 in circs or DPNs so you’ll need to figure out ML to do them. There is a video here at KH on ML.

So… There are a ton of baby hats on KPC.

knitting pattern central is bookmarked :happydance: (everyone should bookmark this site… i think everyone has.) i have watched the magic loop vid (very easy i hope it as easy as it looks)

Yeah, you can do hats on 31" circs. You can do ML or a `half ML’ where you scootch all the stitches to the left needle and only have a loop on the right side… until you knit up all the sts on the left side.