1st Real Project :: PotHolder

Wulp… hello everyone… I’ve been keeping a rambling run on my project here on my blog… but I thought I Would share my piece 1 of 4 on this little sucker…

I have to make another one of these yet… I’m just about to go cast on the beginning stiches… :slight_smile:

Anyway here is piece one… I’ll show you the whole thing when it’s finished hopefully this weekend…


AWESOME!!! And, look at YOU with your fancy-schmancy decreases and so on!! :cheering:

yeah acutally had to come here to make sure I was doing them right…

Pretty easy Dec… K2TOG at the beginning, then at the last 2 stiches… Slip as to Knit, Knit, PSSO…

Pretty simple now that I’ve done it… course my bind off are still WAY tight…

Go Norman, it’s your birthday! :cheering:

PS when I read your post I “hear” your voice as Norman Bates as his mother (catch all that) That is kind of creepy.

… course my bind off are still WAY tight…


a friend showed me a different way.

K those on the right needle together
K1 (you will have 2 stitches again on the right needle) and k those 2 Tog. It is a much much looser BO.

I “shrunk” the opening to a hood on a sweater, basically ruined the dumb thing doing the “normal” BO. I have used this other BO with MUCH success!!!

I just can NOT get it loose no matter how hard I try.

That looks great. Keep it up. :thumbsup:

Great Job, Norman! :thumbsup: I, too, used to bind off TOO tightly–everything had a curled edge. Then I tried binding off with a larger needle (I find that a needle 2 sizes larger than the needle I used on the pattern works best–YES, I knit that tightly :rollseyes:, but I’m getting better with the tension thing.) It works like a charm–nice flat edge.

Happy Knitting
a/k/a Denise

Nice job!!