1st Koolaid dye

yay so i finally did my first batch of koolaid dying :cheering:
the redish one and the darker redish one is for my daughters felted clogs and the green and the blueish one is for my son’s. It’ll be my first try at the clog pattern so i hope it goes well :pray:

OHHH I die for that green lol. They look so neat and tidy all bundled up. They look great.

what flavors did you use?

i only used strawberry, grape, berry blue, and lemon lime. and then a mix of those together to make darker colors like the strawberry and grape to make the dark redish color.

Those are wonderful colors! So bright and fun!

What bright pretty colors! :heart:

WOW–those are gorgeous! Who knew that a little Kool Aid could look so beautiful??

How gorgeous! :heart:

Wow! That is really neat.

How do you go about dying yarn with koolaid? I would love to make some green yarn. The hobby lobby I get my yarn from has a serious lack of any green colors.

verrrryyyyy pretty. hmm I didn’t know koolaid comes out sooo great. I’m lovin’ the green and blue. oh…and please post once you knit them up, I would love to see how it all comes together. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!!! Here’s some links i got from others about how to dye with koolaid:



I’m still knitting up the clogs but i’ll post pictures when i get done with them.

Koolaid…KOOLAID!!?? :shock: You mean the… the drink? The drink with crazy colours? :thud:

Now my mind is filled with the thought of drinking dyes… :ick:

I never knew they can be used as yarn dyes :noway:

Does it work on acrylic?

Those are great!! I really need to start searching for some more bolder colors.

Aquaria… i read that it can only be done with natural fibers like wool, mohair, alpaca, etc. and that you need to use unsweetened koolaid. It doesn’t really need to be “koolaid” just something similar…flavoraid, wylers…and the more drink mix you use the brighter/bolder the color will be. :teehee: This whole dying thing is so neat!!!

i cannot wait to dye mine…i got some from knitpicks and i got to leave for Zurich … u did a great job on yours… :cheering: