1st felting disaster....advice please

I have finished making the bag and am now in the felting process. I am running it again in hot water but I just checked it and it is very very small. Looks like I made a purse for my 7 year old. It shrunk an awful lot. I am running it again in hot water because you can still see the stitches. What in the world did I do wrong? Thanks for listening to me sob and cry.
I used hot hot water and I did not let it run through the spin cycle and I used a full load of water.oh…and I ised a net zipper laundry bag.

I had some yarn left over so I am trying it again. What can I do this time so it will be felted but not miniture. Thanks for all advice and help.

I have never felted…but it looks like you can still see the stitches in the bag on the tutorial too!

I don’t think you did anything wrong. From what I understand Booga Bags always come out small. There have been many threads on this.

Here’s one.
Larger Booga Bag

I made a second one but this time I let my washer fill up to about only half the normal water level and I let it agitate for 6 mins. in hot water and when I last checked it, it was bigger than my last attempt.I am currently rinsing in cold water right now.
It doesn’t look like a miniture purse right now. Hope it stays that way. Will post back the results.

The felting process shouldn’t have much to do with it really. If anything having less water (as you are supposed to anyway) should make it felt better. :shrug:

well, I am new to this process so I didn’t know you were suppose to use a small amount of water. next time I will do alot more research before I try anything new.

You can always do a forum search with the link at the top of the page. If you don’t find your answer you can always ask.

Basic felting; VERY hot water at low setting, tiny amount of detergent, and a pair of jeans for agitation. Check every 5 min or so till it’s felted the way you want.

Check that other Booga thread I linked to as well. Small Boogas are a common problem. :wink: