1st felted bag done...Q about drying

How long should I leave the box inside of it, will it ever dry with that thing in there?

I am dying to take it out. I finished the washing process last night about 9:30.

What’cha think?

When I felted my bags, I let it dry untill it was really dry. Didn’t took as long as I thought it would, cause it was quite hot that day and I put it in the sun :smiley:

Just take a peek when it’s dry on the outside and if it holds its shape without the box than take it out.

Thanks so much! I really love the shape…

I made one boo boo though, I grafted the straps on the wrong way. They should have gone the other direction, same side, instead of opposite side!

Didn’t figure that out until it was already felted!

Not that noticable, hopefully! The bag ended up being kind of round in the middle and hour glass towards the top.

I’ll post a pic when it’t dry!

Just think of your straps as a “design feature” :slight_smile: