1st double pointed needles?

I have a question about cable needles, double pointed needles and other odds and ends of the knitting trade.

For double pointed needles, is there a particular size of double pointed needles that is used more often than others?

For cable needles, I pose the same question. Is there a size of cables used more often than others?

Also, now that I have made my first real sale, I can now invest that money back into my knitting.
As of now I just have a few basics, scissors, three sizes of needles, 10,11,13, yarn(all worstedweight), and tapestry needle.

Is there anything that anyone would recommend me buying that could further my skills?
What would you get next?

increase your needle supply so that you have a wider variety of sizes and lengths. you’ll find that most of us only use circular needles (instead of straights) b/c you can do flat or circular knitting on circular needles. As for cable needles–I say you don’t even need them–I find that using one small dpn (a shorter length preferable) is just as effective as using a cable needle–it seems much easier than wrestling w/ those oddly shaped cable needles IMHO. As for dpns–size would depend on project preference–if you think you want to do socks then you should invest in smaller ones like sizes 1-4. If you want to do hats I’d invest in sizes 6-8 b/c those seem to be pretty common. All in all–there isn’t really any size that is used more than others unless you are going to knit lots of socks and those tend to use smaller sizes. Unfortunately you pretty much have to get all the sizes to be totally prepared for any project! The way I built my supply was to buy needs for each project. Sometimes I’d find I already had the right needles and sometimes I’d need to buy some to fit the project–it doesn’t take long to have a wide variety if you knit regularly! Hope this helps!

Just buy them all :rofl:


Always good avice :roflhard:

I started knitting and got:
Denise interchangeables, cable needles, stitch holders and point protectors.

Since I crochet, I already had a wide variety of hooks, scissors, measuring tape, tapestry needles, etc.

Recently I acquired a gauge/needle sizer and a yarn ball winder.