1st bit of knitting, has it gone wrong or not?

Hello :slight_smile:

Was just taught how to knit, did a few rows, went away, left it a few days (mistake), then tried to start again, think it went a bit wrong so undid that little bit, and now I wonder if my initial restart attempt and/or its undoing has left it in a not right state?:

So I’m looking to be in a ready to start the next row state. Is it in that state or not? I don’t think it is because the main wool thread is coming from the second, rather than first, stitch/loop from the previous row. So something doesn’t seem right? If so, what and I’m guessing describing how to fix it is going to be a bit tricky but at least I’ll know if I can carry on as is, or need to fix it.

Thanks in advance.

If you take your other needle and slip that unworked stitch onto it, holding the empty needle with your left hand and holding the pictured needle with your right hand, the yarn should be at the back and then you knit that last stitch. You can now continue on :grin:
Hope this helps

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Hi Linda, ah yup, that got it, thanks :slight_smile:

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